SIMREX Mobile Data Solutions

Effective law enforcement and emergency response rely on dependable communication. SIMREX wireless mobile data solutions let your officers spend more time in the field and get the information they need to safely make critical decisions-fast.

Public Safety departments across the country trust SIMREX products to provide high-speed throughput and superior coverage. In return, they get increased productivity, a safer environment and the ability to embrace new technologies as they emerge. They also save money by avoiding ongoing fees and reducing the total amount of infrastructure needed, and users can pay for the system in one-third the time (or at one-third the cost) of other solutions.

SIMREX Mobile Data Solutions Provide:

  • High-speed data throughput 10 to 20 times faster than other wireless solutions — typically 200 to 400 kbps*.
  • Long-distance coverage 2 to 10 times the range of other private, license-free wireless solutions.
  • Lower lifecycle costs than other wireless solutions.
    • Lower deployment costs-less infrastructure is needed to achieve the coverage.
    • Lower maintenance-industrial-grade, durable solutions with metal enclosures.
    • Withstands brutal operating conditions and temperatures from -40° to +70° degrees Celsius.
    • A private network, with no monthly charges.
  • Increased efficiency — agencies see an attractive return on investment within 12 to 24 months.
  • A wireless network that is accessible and reliable during even the most dire of emergencies, such as the Northeast Blackout or hurricanes or other natural disasters.
  • The most secure wireless solutions.
  • Scalability, so you can add to your infrastructure as your network grows.
  • Network management from anywhere.

Based on your needs, the SIMREX DataMover ESS or DataMover ESS-II can provided superior unlicensed solutions. For licensed applications, the SNRDS or SIMPAC products offer leading-edge wireless solutions that are field-proven for mobile data.