SIMREX Corporation Announces DataMover SS Spread Spectrum Radio

Lancaster, NY - SIMREX Corporation introduces the DataMover SS Spread Spectrum Radio, a wireless data solution that uses unlicensed frequencies in the 902-928 MHz band to provide long range, reliable data communications. Communication at up to 115kbps is provided for applications ranging from SCADA to mobile data and vehicle tracking.

SIMREX Corporation Announces DataMover Transaction Series for Banking, Lottery and POS Applications

Lancaster, NY - SIMREX Corporation introduces the DataMover Transaction datalink radio in VHF/UHF/900 MHz bands for Lottery, Banking (ATM) and Point of Sale (POS) applications. Popular protocols such has SDLC, X.25 and TCP/IP protocols are supported.

SIMREX Corporation Announces DataMover Transparent Series for SCADA, Lottery, Railroad and Traffic Applications

Lancaster, NY - SIMREX Corporation introduces the DataMover Transparent Radio for SCADA applications where protocol transparency is critical. MODBUS, DNP3 and other multidrop protocols are easily handled by the DataMover Transparent Radio. The DataMover Transparent is a successor to the original ARIA Wireless DataMover but with improved RF sensitivity, more advanced Network management capability and a more competitive price.

SIMREX Corporation Announces SIMPAC Mobile Data Radio

Lancaster, NY SIMREX Corporation introduces the SIMPAC Mobile Radio for vehicle tracking and mobile data applications. The SIMPAC is over the air compatible to GLB's SNRDS radio and supports the SIMREX FEC (Forward Error Correcting) protocol that allows 100% correction of received packets containing up to 64 bit error bursts. The SIMPAC can be optionally equipped with the SIMREX GPS-R1 receiver allowing high vehicle reporting rates for AVL applications

SIMREX Corporation Announces the Commencement of Manufacturing Operations

Buffalo, NY SIMREX Corporation acquires the assets of ARIA-GLB Wireless Systems Inc and enters the hardware manufacturing business. ARIA-GLB Wireless had been formed through the merger of GLB Electronics and ARIA Wireless Systems Inc in 1999. SIMREX had been a technology provider to GLB Electronics since 1992 and to ARIA-GLB Wireless Systems Inc. since 1999. SIMREX's technology and innovation strength combined with the manufacturing capability and existing product line of ARIA-GLB Wireless Systems Inc. is expected to create an exciting synergy to facilitate the rapid development and sale of state of the art wireless data communications products. The combined operations are expected to relocate to new facilities in the Greater Buffalo area within the next 60 days. SIMREX Corporation is a technology development company with experience in RF, OPTICS and DSP applications. ARIA-GLB Wireless Systems Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of wireless data communications products and systems for applications ranging from SCADA, mobile data, vehicle tracking, remote control and telemetry applications. Company information may be obtained at and