SIMREX Corporation will customize most of its products or design value-added components for other vendor's products to meet your application's requirements.

Examples are:

  • Unusual or non-standard frequencies
  • User specific protocol
  • Custom Input/Output
  • Custom connectors
  • Modified RF performance
  • User hardware integrated inside our product

Product Specific Examples:

  • Narrow and wideband preselector tuning options available on our SNRDS product.
  • Most products if enclosed in a NEMA (4X) enclosure can have extended temperature capability.
  • Our SNRDS product can have extended temperature capability without the NEMA enclosure.
  • SNRDS radios have 2 RF ports options.
  • ENCRYPTION (Export controls apply).
  • Variable Interleave FEC (Forward Error Correction).
  • Taxi Meter Reading protocol for the SNRDS radio.