SIMREX Corporation will customize most of its products or design value-added components for other vendor's products to meet your application's requirements.


  • IP67 waterproof packaging and temperature range extension.  
  • Solar or alternate power kit to allow off grid operation.
  • Integration with sensors. Environmental, Intrusion, Proximity, distance measuring, flow, vision applications.
  • Edge computing. A processor to execute a user application.
  • Edge computing within one of our products.
  • Proxy server for legacy protocol conversion.
  • Middleware.
  • Unusual or non-standard frequencies
  • User specific protocol
  • Custom Input/Output
  • Custom connectors
  • Custom antenna patterns.

Product Specific Examples:

  • Crosswalk control.
  • ENCRYPTION (Export controls apply).
  • Modified RF performance.
  • Application specific Interference mitigation.
  • Synchronous protocol.