SIMCRYPT - Serial Data Encrypter


  • Encryption for SCADA, transaction or other RS232 applications
  • 128/256 Bit AES Encryption. the latest government standard
  • Block or Streaming Modes of Encryption
  • Bypass (clear) mode for non-intrusive upgrade of live systems
  • Compatible with SIMREX, MDS, DataRadio and other transparent radios with RS232 interface
  • Can accept power from auxiliary pin on radio data connector or use separate power supply
  • Low power consumption is ideal for Solar Power applications.ODBUS, DF1 and other gap sensitive protocol compatibl




RDC (Radio Data Controller)

  • RF Modems 1200 bps- 19.2 Kbps for 3rd party radios.
  • Interface with most radios TX Audio, RX Audio, PTT
  • Data Interface TTL, RS232/RS422/RS485 or Ethernet (RJ 45)
  • Robust (FEC) Forward Error Correction Option
  • Digipeating (Store & Forward)
  • The full details...



  • SNRDS and SIMPAC are all used for SURVEY/RTK, depending on user requirements.
  • Custom GPS positioning solutions are available.
  • Fault tolerant, low multipath DGPS reference station.