SIMREX Wireless Solutions

RF Propagation: SIMREX can provide on-site RF propagation studies complete with state-of-the-art RF equipment.  Our experienced engineers can come on-site or perform the study remotely while using the latest software tools and techniques to assess a targeted geographic area of desired coverage.

Installation Support: SIMREX can provide RF engineers and technicians on-site to aid or fully install a data network and repeaters.  The level of support will be determined during preliminary fact-finding meetings.

Interfacing to Third-party equipment: (ATM, PLC etc...) Our in-house engineering department can perform interfacing to most third party equipment.  Customers must provide detailed schematics of the product and interface in question.  Fees may be deemed necessary but are entirely application dependent.

Customization: As part of our continuing effort towards total customer satisfaction, SIMREX is devoted to customizing hardware and firmware specifications where required. Find out more.....

Turnkey Solutions: SIMREX has proven experience in delivering fully integrated systems and infrastructure.  System Design and Analysis, Project management, installation, troubleshooting and technical support, are key components that can be managed by our highly trained and experienced in-house staff.

Technical Support: The Technical Support Center located in Buffalo, NY USA houses experienced filed RF Engineers and Technicians to better service general and complex scenarios and situations.  After-sales support of SIMREX firmware and hardware are also handled with key emphasis on quick-response and lead-time considerations.