SIMREX provides reliable, wireless solutions for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Our long-range solutions enable communications networks to provide real-time monitoring and control for any SCADA need. SIMREX solutions provide communications to where you need it most, especially tough, rugged, industrial environments.

Our radio modems are available in licensed or license-free (spread spectrum) frequency bands, at various data rates, in both serial and/or Ethernet/IP data networks.

Specific Applications

  • Airports - Monitoring de-icing and fuel trucks' position to aircrafts and wind shear measurements.
  • Scoreboard/Signs - Sending scores and advertising.
  • Power Distribution - Control and monitoring, telephone line extenders and high speed links.
  • Water - Control and monitoring.
  • Oil & Gas - Fixed and mobile IP links.
  • Telemetry Monitoring - Chemicals, weather and machinery.


  • IP Protocol
  • Store & Forward
  • High Speed Network
  • Back-Bone Lines
  • Intelligent Radios
  • PMP (Point-Multi-Point) Servers.

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Synthesized Netlink Radio System (SNRDS)
Detail... Specification Sheet...

DataMover SS Spread Spectrum (900MHz & 2.4GHz)
Specification Sheet

Radio Data Controller (RDC)
Detail... Specification Sheet...

DataMover ESSL Spread Spectrum
(900 MHz & 2.4GHz - Ethernet Adapter)
Radio Specification Sheet
Ethernet Adapter Manual

  DataMover SS-ODU Spread Spectrum (900MHz & 2.4GHz) Specification Sheet
  DataMover ESS Spread Spectrum (900 MHz) Specification Sheet
DataMover ESS-ODU Spread Spectrum (900 MHz) Specification Sheet
SIMCRYPT - Encryption Module for RS232
Specification Sheet

DataMover SS-IO Spread Spectrum IO (900 MHz)
Specification Sheet



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