SIMSYNC: Traffic Controller Time/Date Synchronization/Coordination

  • GPS based time/date synchronization of traffic controllers
  • Provides synchronization even if GPS signals are blocked temporarily
  • Contact closure synchronization pulse with variable pulse width
  • Controller specific RS232 message protocol for Eagle, Econolite, Peek
  • Standardized RS232 controller messages AB3418, NTCIP, GPRMC
  • IRIG time code version available for other applications
  • Contact closure for mechanical controllers
  • Flash upgradeable firmware
  • 9-24VDC input voltage
  • Vandal resistant GPS antenna
  • SimSync Specifications (pdf 66k)
  • SimSync Manual (pdf 388k)
  • Detailed View
  • Product Inquiry Form

SIMSYNC-RMC: Traffic Controller Time/Date Synchronization/Coordination

  • Standalone GPS for newer controllers that support GPRMC GPS message format.
  • Lower cost than full controller based Simsync.
  • Same tamperproof hardened antenna as the full Simsync.
  • AC or DC powered version available. (DC Shown)
  • Controller specific cable provided.
  • 9-30VDC input voltage
  • SimSync-RMC Specifications (pdf 65k)
  • Product Inquiry Form


DATAMOVER SS: Spread Spectrum Technology



  • 16 bits of DIO (expandable for additional digital or analog IO).
  • 20 MHz controller that can be programmed with "smarts" for
    user applications.
  • 2 + serial ports for user application.
  • Serial ports for configuration and Flash upgrade.
  • Available with or without internal Spread Spectrum radio.
  • Internal relay option.
  • GPS interface capability for timing or positioning applications.
  • DataMover SS-IO Specifications (pdf 83k)
  • Product Inquiry Form



(ATC, ATSC or 2070 controller compatible)

Compatible with all ATC, ATSC and 2070 traffic controllers that have an H1 card slot.
The H1 card is normally used for hosting a 6A or 7A card (serial or FSK modem).

  • ZERO FOOT PRINT. Installs directly into controller communications board slot
  • No external power supply required
  • Electrically isolated from Chassis ground
  • Electrically isolated coaxial RF connector for radio antenna
  • An electrically isolated serial port is avaialable to be port shared with the radio
  • Second serial port has configurable routing for port sharing purposes
  • Available 900 MHz or 2400 MHz.
  • DataMover 2070-TA Specifications (pdf 72k)
  • DataMover 2070-TA Installation & Operations Guide (available upon request)
  • Product Inquiry Form






  • Firehouse based wireless solution
  • Preempt 1 to 5 Routes
  • 1 to 5 intersections per route.
  • Select Route with button.
  • Green ACK LED if preempt is accepted by intersection.
  • Yellow link valid LEDs indicates health of nodes.
  • Indoor antenna possible for firehouse.
  • 900 or 2400 MHz unlicensed, secure.
  • Galvanic isolation from intersection
  • 25% to 35% of the cost of truck based solutions.
  • 1 to 4 hours typical install.
  • DataMover Pre-Empt Specifications (161k)
  • Product Inquiry Form