Product Release

  SIMCRYPT Serial Data Encrypter - SIMREX Corporation announces the release of its SimCrypt RS-232 serial data encrypter device that adds state-of-the-art encryption to your wireless SCADA network. It can be used for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint links, and it provides strong security to each link in all wireless serial systems.

Features on the SimCrypt include AES-256 bit or AES-128 bit encryption and a simple terminal based management system with password protection. It is capable of receiving power through an auxilary pin on the data connector eliminating the extra cost of a seperate power supply.

When all units are installed, a single command from the master turns on the encryption system-wide. SimCrypt Specifications
  SimSync Traffic Controller Time Synchronization System released - The SimSync time syncronization system provides a more cost effective way to achieve time synchronization with no interconnection between traffic controllers or connection to a MASTER/HOST. SimSync Specifications
  SIMREX Corporation announces the release of its DataMover DR(M) Traffic Control/FSK board that plugs directly into a Loop Detector Rack Card Slot. The DataMover DR(M) integrates the unparalleled DataMover SS spread spectrum wireless modem and a full featured FSK modem. The DR(M) Card form factor provides the ultimate in system integration flexibility in a high-speed, compact license-free wireless solution. DataMover DR(M) Specifications
  SIMREX  Corporation is pleased to announce the release of  two datalink products for the Traffic Control Industry.   Both products plug into the model 400 modem slot on the 170 Type Traffic controller.  The DataMover 170TM incorporates a Spread Spectrum radio and a model 400 FSK modem. The DataMover 170T incorporates a radio only. 
  Free tools now available for calculating System Operating Margin and Fresznel Clearance Zone. Check the Free tools section of the web site.
  Ethernet version of our SP-2.4 spread-spectrum series of radio modems now available .Find out more...
  Base and Remote / Mobile antennas are now available direct to accommodate all frequencies.
  IP interface option for narrowband licensed and unlicensed radios. Find out more...
  Custom Receiver for the SNRDS radio for underground mining applications. Find out more...