Wireless Data Solutions

SIMREX Corporation serves industries requiring secure and reliable wireless data communications for vital systems under the toughest of conditions. Industries served: Aviation, Rail, Energy, Water/Wastewater, Traffic/ITS.

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SIMREX Corporation adds Peek (Mizbat) protocol to its Simsync Traffic Controller Time Synchronization product.. ...more detail

SIMREX Corporation releases its DataMover Wideband 300 Mbit product for ITS Traffic and Industrial Applications. ...more detail

SIMREX Corporation releases 2.4 GHz version of its DataMover SS spread spectrum product.
...more details



A Broad Spectrum of Wireless Products
Our wireless products operate globally in license-free and licensed frequency applications. The SIMREX product line includes both (unlicensed) spread spectrum and licensed narrow band with RS-232, RS485 or IP(Ethernet) radio modems for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems. Data rates range from 1200 bps to 155 Mbps over the air.
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Providing Wireless Solutions
SIMREX can provide RF propagation studies, link budget analysis, intermodulation (IM) analysis and systems integration with third party equipment. SIMREX can also provide RF engineers and technicians on-site to aid in commissioning and installation of a data network. Our Engineering department can provide custom interface hardware/software for your legacy systems and any unique I/O requirements. SIMREX has extensive GPS positioning experience.
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